KAS90x Series

OEM-Inclination-, Acceleration- and Vibration-Sensors

Cost optimized version for price sensitive applications

  • Metal housing H12xW25xL35mm
  • Cable 1m PVC (other versions on request)
  • Output 0.5…4.5V
  • Power supply 7…36V (internal regulation provided
  • Measuring ranges ±15.. ±90° or ±0,25… ±12g
  • One or two axis versions
  • Repeatability up to ±0,01° (≈0,1mg)
  • Resolutions up to ±0,001° (≈0,01mg)
  • Temperature dependencies of SE up to ±0,002°/°C (≈0,02mg)
  • Operating temperature range: -30°....+85°C
  • Shock resistance of SE more than: 20’000g
  • Mechanical band pass -3db damping 18Hz up to 1000Hz

Data sheets