Inclination Sensors

Sensors for measuring of inclinations and angle

  • Repeatability ±0,01°
  • Resolution ±0,001°
  • Temperature dependency up to SE ±0,002°/°C
  • Shock residences (SE) more then: 20’000g
  • Metal housing IP67 / IP68
  • With cable or connectors
  • Working range: -30°....+85°C (125°C optionally)
  • Power input 7…36V regulated / stabilized
  • Outputs: 4...20mA, 0.5...4,5 V, 2-10V, +/-4V, or Modbus (RS485 based)
  • Measuring ranges ±15... ±90°
  • Low pass mechanical filtering e.g. 1, 18, or 50Hz 3db
  • One or two axis versions

IP67(68) metal housing for harsh environment with common M12 sensor-connector

Potted IP64 metal housing for cost efficient applications

Digital Inclination (Angle-) Sensors with IP67 (68) housing and Modbus- (RS485 based) output:

GKAS2000-Serie (±15°... ±90° with <0.001...0,002° resolutions)

Analogue Inclination- (Angle-) Sensors with IP67 (68) housing and 4...20mA output:

(also 1-5V and 2-10V readable)

SCA1x4T-Serie (±30°... ±90° with <0,003° resolution)

Analogue Inclination- (Angle-) Sensors with IP64 housings and cable with 0.5...4.5 V output:

KAS901-4x 1-axis precision Inclinometer (±15...30° and <0,001° resolution)

KAS901-0x 1-axis Inclinometer (±30...90° and 0,002° resolution)

KAS901-5x 2-axis Inclinometer (±30...90° and 0,002° resolution)

For applications with high vibrations*):

KAS901-04 1-axis Inclinometer / Accelerometer (±90° or ±1,7g and 0,01° resolution)

KAS901-54 2-axis Inclinometer / Accelerometer (±90° or ±1,7g and 0,01° resolution)

KAS901-58 2-axis Inclinometer / Accelerometer (±90° or ± 4g and 0,03° resolution for applications with very high vibrations)

*) With various averaging and filtering are very good accuracies possible